Killzone 2 Secret Feature

It seems almost impossible after the blanket media coverage the game has received, but Killzone 2 apparently still has a few surprises up its sleeve. The game’s lead designer reveals what happens when you shoot your own men!


22 Responses to Killzone 2 Secret Feature

  1. Jonathan says:

    Yeah it’s nice and all, but this ain’t new, a lot of people(me included) already tried that in the demo, not shooting rico multiple times to see if he will turn, but shoot him a couple of times and all the other teammates turn on you. So yeah that’s old news.

  2. Man says:

    this was done in the first halo…..

  3. They did the same thing in the Halo series when you shoot the marines they eventually turn on you.

    No big deal.

  4. Tobi says:

    This was in the demo I did it ages ago…

  5. light_alex says:

    I already new about this lol. I did this in the demo. And this is a desperate title to just get more hits. This isn’t a secret feature.

  6. bill says:

    yeah, this was possible in the demo. and i wouldn’t really call it a feature

  7. joe says:

    That is absolutely retarded that anyone thinks that’s original. The first game to have the mechanic was Halo: Combat Evolved. Don’t believe me go play it and shoot your own teammates like a moron.

  8. ThRiLL_2_KiLL says:

    Nice feature, but definetly not the first game to do it.

  9. Liamabob says:

    And nobody tried this in the demo?

  10. person says:

    wow, that’s some secret feature. i did that in the effin demo. congratulations.

  11. chief says:

    halo:CE had this back in 2001.

  12. AD says:

    feels like ive done that before hmmmmmm… o yah. Halo did that.

  13. james says:

    if its supposed to make the game more realistic then why does the guy ignore you when you shoot him. surly he would turn on you the second time you shoot him.
    i can’t wait to get this game

  14. paspic says:

    Wicked, sounds a very cool secret

  15. meowman says:

    that happened to me in the demo. Just before going off with garza a killed some dudes to get ammo i got shot at

  16. Rob says:

    So you shoot your buddy on three separate occasions, he goes bad and tries to kill you, then he up and changes his mind later and becomes good again? Erm, how realistic of a scenario is that?

  17. Pathard says:

    That’s awesome! Very nice feature.

  18. PS3 Trophies says:

    Can’t wait for this game. The buddy going after you is similar to what I remember from Halo: Combat Evolved. Should be fun!

  19. sambacity says:

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  20. harrykid32 says:

    Who didn’t know this happened?
    Even halo did this.

  21. […] Killzone 2 Secret Feature It seems almost impossible after the blanket media coverage the game has received, but Killzone 2 apparently still has […] […]

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