Zack Synder Talks Watchmen

March 4, 2009

We’re celebrating this weekend’s arrival of the Watchmen movie with a series of videos featuring cast interviews, on-set action and movie clips. First up is director Zack Snyder who tells us what he thinks the movie is about. Would Alan Moore agree?


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Media Blowout

February 23, 2009

Street Fighter fans never had it so good. Not only is there a brand new game but this week sees the US cinema release of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Street Fighter movies don’t have a particularly good pedigree, so is
this a contender for next year’s Razzies? See for yourself.

First up, it’s Michael Clarke Duncan talkin ’bout his role as bad-boy boxer, Balrog.

He was in Band of Brothers, then Desperate Housewives, now he’s playing uber-nasty M.Bison. Funny, I woulda never pegged Neal McDonough as a martial arts kinda guy.

Not quite sure how Guile’s mate Charly Nash made it in to the movie, but he did!

We thought you’d like to see a bit more of Chun-Li herself, Kristin Kriek. So here she is doing all her own stunts. Cunning!

And now our favourite. Watch the cast of the movie as the director shows them the trailer for the first time. I could be wrong, but I reckon Neal McDonough’s feigned interest is probably the greatest performance he delivered on the Street Fighter set in all the time he was there.

Kristin Kreuk Kicks Vega’s Butt In New Street Fighter Movie

February 21, 2009

She may look nothing like her but that didn’t stop Kirstin Kreuk taking her role as the thunder-thighed Chun-Li in the upcoming movie very seriously.